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Inspector Hunchly toils in the background of your web browser to track, analyze and store web pages while you perform online investigations.

Forgets nothing, keeps everything.


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Your Own Time Machine.

Hunchly stores full web page captures of every site you visit, every search you perform,and every time you endlessly scroll through a social media page. It keeps a full history of all steps taken during an investigation.

Follow Your Hunches,
Not Your Tools

When you are feeling that investigative flow, switching tools to take notes or snap screenshots is painful. Hunchly keeps you in your web browser 100% of the time so you can stay focused on your investigation.


All data is stored, tracked and accessed on your local machine. No cloud storage. Period.

All Day. Everyday.

Stop hitting CTRL-F (⌘ -F for you Mac folks) a thousand times a day. Hunchly can track phone numbers, email addresses, names or whatever other piece of information is relevant for your investigation and notify you when those pieces of information are found on the page you are on.


  • 1 license
  • Single user license for Hunchly. Install on as many machines as you like!
  • $129.99
  • 3 licenses
  • Do you have a small team that wants to use Hunchly? Save 10% on your purchase when you buy 3 licenses.
  • $349.99 (Save 10%)
  • More Than 3
  • Do you have a bigger team you want to outfit with Hunchly? Grab more than 3 licenses and save 20% on your order.
  • Save 20%


What operating systems does Hunchly work on?
Hunchly works on Windows, Mac OSX and Debian based Linux systems (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.).
What does user licensing mean?
User licensing means that you can install Hunchly on as many machines as you like as long as you are the only user using it. As soon as more than one person is using Hunchly you need another license.
I installed Hunchly but I don't see the little blue guy in my Chrome extensions?
Don't panic! You may simply need to reinstall the extension itself from the Chrome store. Follow this link here and install the extension:
I am running into other problems with Hunchly, what do I do?
It happens sometimes! In your Documents/Hunchly folder you will see an error.log file. Please send this file along with a description of your problem to and we'll assist you right away.

Other questions? Email us!

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