Using Ghiro Image Forensics with Hunchly

Published: May 29, 2018

Ghiro is an incredibly cool image forensics platform that allows multiple users to store and analyze thousands of images. Ghiro automatically extracts EXIF metadata, builds maps, performs error level analysis and much more.

While Hunchly does automatically extract EXIF metadata from photographs, where Ghiro really shines is its ability to allow thousands of images from multiple users to be uploaded and analyzed.

This can be incredibly useful for those of you working in child exploitation or human trafficking cases when you are collecting thousands of images at a time and your team wants to be able to collaborate on their analysis.

In this video I demonstrate how to fire up the Ghiro virtual machine appliance, get logged in and how to both manually and automatically push images from Hunchly directly into Ghiro.

You’ll also get your first taste of the Hunchly API as we run a Python script to automatically pull data from Hunchly, create cases in Ghiro that match Hunchly, and then upload images automatically to those cases.


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